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Jill Arrington was born in the trenches of East Oakland, CA. She was a tall, skinny, and smart girl and selected to attend gifted and talented classes in Oakland Public Schools. Despite her smarts she lived with the challenge of studying in a dysfunctional home with alcoholic parents and was determined tofinish school early even though she was on her way to becoming a single mom at age 17. As an adult she’s survived addictions, unhealthy relationships and mental health challenges. She boldly claims, “I’m nobody’s victim and it’s my ability to keep it real and be transparent that allows me to speak from the heart to move my audience to positive change”. Jill has coached hundreds of women and youth. She uses her “real” life challenges and personal aspects of her life to inspire you to believe in yourself, let go of negative beliefs and create the life you’ve always desired regardless of your circumstances. It is her objective to ensure that you receive the tools and techniques that drive you to positive change. Jill can help you in all areas of your life including taking the first steps to enhance your relationships with self and others, move you to the next level in your career or new business, or helping you get out of that stuck place that you may find yourself in! She’s been there too and knows how difficult taking the first step to change is. Speaking came natural for Jill. Her speaking experience started when she became a member of Toastmaster’s International as a 7th grader, a mandatory part of the Gifted and Talented Program at Elmhurst Jr. High, Oakland, CA. The first speech she performed was the poem “Ego Trippin’” by Nikki Giovanni. As Jill grew older, she decided she wanted to follow in her Aunt’s (Pastor Yvonne Cole, PhD and foster mother of R&B Singer Keyshia Cole) footsteps as a minister. Bishop T.L. Smith of Laodicea Baptist Church licensed Jill as one of his first young women ministers in the late 80′s. Her call to ministry has always been about helping people who were suffering hardship due to homelessness, drug addiction, lack of access to community resources and broken relationships. Jill says her most rewarding speaking experiences was facilitating Alameda County WorkFirst Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) workshops where she was employed with Women’s Employment Resources Corporation (WERC) as Outreach Coordinator and later was promoted to Assistance Director. “Women learned to support one another as they faced new and difficult territory performing job search. Some of these challenges included having criminal backgrounds, no high school diploma, spousal/partner abuse, being overqualified for jobs due to age and experience, race discrimination, or incomplete college degree programs, and much more”, she states. “Barack Obama is my standard of excellence for becoming an extemporaneous and inspirational speaker and leader in my community,” she says proudly. My business speaks to Obama’s campaign slogan “Change We Can Believe In.” Mrs. Jill Arrington is the proud wife of 4 years to Anthony Arrington, mother of 2 sons Paul Dunn and Edward Milton (Twan) and the proud grandmother of 3 grandchildren Raydience (5), Messiah (4) and Jillohn (1 ½ ) and daughter and caretaker to 80 yr. old father James White. Despite life’s storms like losing everything in a house fire in October 2008, she lives each day with a new zest and fire, creativity, focus and spark for her true purpose and mission to inspire and empower women. By taking on this new enterprise she says, she looks forward to becoming financially independent and giving generously of her time, energy, resources and finances to those who desire and dare to follow their dreams!

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