This blog is a collaborative effort involving a number of WISR students and colleagues, all of whom are involved in various ways in promoting and developing programs and opportunities for youth. Topics include gangs, removing stigmas and building assets, foster care youth aging out of the system, gay teens, bullying self confidence, African American males between 16 and 24 who are disconnected from education and/or work, anxiety in elementary kids and sharing Black films with youth. Some of us will work on our papers and social action research together to support one another in the progression of our studies and to enrich our experience in working in the community. This is a diverse group which represents WISR’s philosophy of Multiculturalism as we take this journey to help our youth learn how to peacefully coexist with one another in a rapidly changing world. Indeed, blog is an activity of a WISR student-initiated study-action group. This is an example of learners coming together to empower ourselves and communities and collaboratively inquire on social issues, in this case focusing on youth development issues.

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