Why Coaching for Youth, Parents and Families?

Embracing New Methods for Strengthening Family Resilence

One of the greatest challenges I had so far in blogging is not necessarily what to blog about because there are oodles of things going on in the world of great importance concerning youth development.  However, the “why” questions are most important for me to ask over and over about my coaching practice to stimulate my thought process during the start up phase of this new enterprise?  The “why” to start my coaching practice for youth, parents and families is silently awaiting for me to put a voice to it and to have it so ingrained in me that it oozes from the core my being.  Why? Glad you asked.  If I can answer “why”, then I can collaborate more effectively with others on “how” to design a successful and flourishing coaching practice.  I can invite other professionals and the community at large to participate in sharing their experiences to explore and discover what it takes to develop a powerful coaching framework for strengthening resilience in my community and abroad. In a coaching session with my student advisor Larry Loebig, it became apparently clear that I need to get people enrolled in what I am trying to achieve.  I don’t believe I can do that adequately without knowing the “why” of my practice.  Even if I’m not absolutely sure of the “why” I have to take the risk of not being certain about the “why” until I’ve invested enough time and energy in accepting the help that is there to help me on a universal level.

Why create a coaching practice for youth, parent and families (YPF) and which issues would I focus on in order to re-unite families, and help youth and adults communicate better and make sound value-based decisions?

Why would I use a resiliency coaching framework to strengthen youth, parent and families and what would that look like?

Why are my skills, talents, gifts and knowledge invaluable to the YPF community?

Why is it important to explore coaching on an international level versus limiting myself to serve locally?

POSTING ASSIGNMENT: What “why” questions would you like to explore in order to give your studies here at WISR greater purpose and focus?


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How To Post A Comment and Add A Blog

Hello All,

Please watch the video below to learn how to post a comment to a blog.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.  It took me some time because I was trying to embed the video right in the blog, but we don’t have that plugin installed.

Posting A Blog

Adding A Comment To A Post

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Why Blogging is Important


Benefits of Blogging

As scholars we love to learn new things and relay out thoughts, our opinions, our skills, our knowledge, etc. to as many people as will listen, right?  Well, thus blogging…The idealist who started the blogging trend built a few components into the idea of blogging that made it thrive:

Idea #1: Collaborate with others by reading, joining and posting to various blogs.  You’ll be amazed at the global response you get.  It will catapult you from the livingroom and put you in the homes of others who have the same interest around the world. (My Idea)

Idea #2: Link selflessly to other blogs and share your knowledge.  This is wave now, ride with it and see yourself soar as an expert in your field.

Idea #3: Use the blogroll, which is a listing of a blogger’s favorite bloggers which Google loves because it is cross-linking and it gets you a higher ranking. (P.S.  If you have a favorite link you’d like to add, please send it to me and I’ll add it to the blogroll).

Idea #4: Be concerned about a high ranking if you want others to read your blog and participate in your social change and action research projects. (My Idea)

Idea #5: Post links for resources (send them to me and I’ll post them). (My Idea)

Idea #6: Remember that we only have a little bit of time to capture the attention of our audience, so keep it short, sweet and relevant.

Idea #7: We are team bloggers, similar to www.huffingtonpost.com , so everyone participate, post weekly and have fun.


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